Photo 1: Dawn at Newark Liberty - First Flight Out is my choice as the best.

Photo 2: Coffee at Continental's President's Club at the crack of dawn. Note that I am the only one there at this time.

Photo 3: Southwest Airlines at McCarran  (LAS) in Las Vegas.

Photo 4: A common view at Los Angeles International (LAX).

Photo 5: Heading west at sunrise!

Photo 6: Taipei 101 - Was the world's tallest building until recently. I call it the Godzilla Building.

Photo 7: Here they come!  They will run your fat (or skinny) American ass over if you don't get out of the way. No pedestrian rights here.

Photo 8: A large? Japanese bathroom. More cozy for the roaches than for humans.

Photo 9: The comfort of a $200.00 per night hotel room in Kobe, Japan. What you see . . . is it.

Note the size of the bed compared to the standard laptop case.

Photo 10: Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Nantou, Taiwan ROC

Photo 11: Twenty-five foot Buddha of carved granite, from India, inside the Nantou monastery. It is trimmed in gold. Yes, real gold. 

Photo 12: Regular visitors to the Chung Tai Chan Monastery do not get to see this seventy-five foot statue of Budda carved from  pure white marble. My VIP tour allowed me a great
privilege to see what few others can see.

There were two more  huge rooms to the right and the left this statue. Those rooms had Buddha carvinngs with halo's surrounding them. See below.

Photo 13: These rooms were high in the tower of the structure. With the quietness and serenity within these walls  I could almost hear the blood pumping in my body. The silence was eventually broken by the echoing 'chirp' of a little bird trapped in the enclosure.

Photo 15: A normal itinerary of flights.

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If you have read the book I make mention of some experiences which are pictured below. If you have not read the book - shame on you. Read it and come back here for the visuals.  At right is a video of a typical traffic experience in China or Taiwan. If it does not play click on the yellow band that appeared just  below the menu bar of your browser. It will load a plug-in.