Planes, Pranks & Pepto Bismol
Tales and Tips From a Seasoned Road Warrior

Non-Fiction By Bob Behrent


Why did I write this?

 Bored to tears, but patiently waiting for my delayed flight in a crowded airline gate area, I started to notice how many of the passengers were dealing with the delay. Business people were looking at their watches while nervously tapping their feet in hopes to abate the anxiety of being late for a meeting. Some were chastising the gate agent expecting her to wave a magic wand and ‘poof’ the plane will appear. Others were talking loudly on the phone trying to reschedule their meetings that were planned for today. What to do?  

 I noticed earlier, how some people blunder through the security line, doing everything wrong, and aggravating guys like me who are behind them, causing us to suffer further delay because they can’t read a sign, follow instructions or use common sense. Then, they whine and complain they have to catch their flight in ten minutes, when they should have gotten to the airport two hours earlier to allow for any unexpected problems.

 I smiled to myself because after more than forty years of traveling for business, and quite a number of pleasure trips, I have learned how to accept and deal with travel problems and how to get around most and even prevent some. Too bad others don’t understand how to do this. I see a lot of dumb things that people do. There are ways to avoid this kind of stress.


I thought, Hmm. Maybe I should get out my laptop  and type something ? An instruction manual, perhaps? No. Nobody reads instructions. Too boring.


How about I just tell about all the frustrating, crazy, funny, scary and seemingly impossible situations I have experienced—everything I have learned in all that time — and tell it in a way as if we were sitting in your living room sipping beer, wine or cocktails, munching on chips and chatting on Saturday night.  It might be helpful, and more importantly, enjoyable to all business travelers and other frequent travelers. Even travel veterans will relate to this as well. "Why didn’t I think of that?" or, "Hey, I did that once!" they may contemplate. Perhaps this book could become the bible for the up and coming road warriors. Well, maybe not a bible, but certainly an entertaining and helpful guide to your success.       

     Bob Behrent